Foxes in Fiction



foxes in fiction “tell me why” (neil young cover)

Anonymous asked: are you the band that everyone keeps losing their virginity to??

yep we’re “that” band ;)

Anonymous asked: r u the guy who plays a big bass guitar case, called foxes on fictin

yes that is me i’m the man with the big bass guitar case it is filled with my pain

Anonymous asked: Warren do you ever master unsolicited albums (ie ones from non-Orchid Tapes artists) or are you just too busy?

All the time, it’s pretty much the main way that I pay the bills. If anyone out there is interested is having me master or work on their album for relatively cheap, hit me up:, you can find a lot of the stuff I’ve already worked on here too:


new Orchid Tapes signee

Anonymous asked: Your music is very great. I hope you continue making music with the same style as 15 ativan, Memory Pools, Flashing lights have ended now, witch have a nostalgic/sad and unique rhythm. Thanks.

Thanks so much! My new album is pretty much straight nu-metal though :\

soooooon asked: y0, do u like the 1977 film House/Hausu, from Japan?

Yes I thought it was wild, the only time I ever saw it was when I was like 17 and really stoned though.

utterlynarcissistic asked: I forgot all I ever knew/experienced in regards to sex listening to your music.

Well that’s no fun!

Anonymous asked: lost my virginity to you while listening to u music cool?

yeah great

Anonymous asked: Sex = boring